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Post Article on ML and being on time to Meetings


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It wasn't the first time Lewis sat a starter for disciplinary reasons. Chad Johnson was late for a meeting before a September home game against Pittsburgh in 2003 and did not start against the Steelers. He ended up catching four passes for 77 yards in a 17-10 loss to the Steelers.

"I'll never forget that," said Johnson, who said he hasn't been late for a meeting since. "I had a flat tire so that's not fair but he didn't want to hear my story, even though it was lie. But still, it was good story. 'Coach, I had a flat.' 'So what? You're benched.' "

Keeping a player on the bench isn't the only disciplinary measure Lewis has at his disposal. He's got the power of the wallet on his side as well.

"One guy on this team has gotten fined $9,000 already," said Anderson, something that rarely happened in the past according to the right tackle. "It's funny because you'll now see these young guys hauling tail back and forth to get to meetings because they know he's serious.

"They see he's for real."


Let's hear it for discipline and consistency. Good habits do not come about by accident, they are demanded and there are consequences for not following the rules.

I get happy every time I hear more about the price ML exacts for running afoul of what it takes to win.

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