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Browns South Endzone Goal Post


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If chad get's a td in that endzone will to put my money down he's getting a fine you heard here 1st. ;)

Acrtually you didn't but i'd like to think u did.

I'll take that bet!

I'm more concerned with getting fined YARDAGE, however, and I think Chad knows better. Let's hope he stays withing the realms of reason on his dancing, and doesn't screw us over. He'll find the endone, maybe more than once. Can't wait!

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OK, I'll state UP FRONT that any celebration resulting in negative yardage against the Bengals will just piss me off... However, I seem to be in the minority here when I say, I enjoy the celebrations. I know, I know I hear you guys say "act like you've been there before", but it's fun, it pumps up the crowd, and I know if I had the chance to score a TD on a pro team I would act the fool. While it's not even close to compare what I would do versus Chad or any of the others, why not have a good time with it as long as we don't get penalized ?? Anyway, here's to having a great INJURY FREE game resulting in a 1-0 start to the season !!!

NFL=No fun league


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