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Who will be the final three drivers for the Chase?

John Stofa

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Wiht the top six -- Stewart, Biffle, Johnson, Wallace, Martin and Busch -- already locked in, and Mayfield almost a lock for the 7th spot (only has to finish 39th or better tomorrow night), who will take the final three spots for the 10-race Chase For The Cup?

Still in the running, and their current points ranking:

8. Carl Edwards

9. Matt Kenseth

10. Jaime McMurray

11. Ryan Newman

12. Jeff Gordon

13. Elliott Sadler

14. Dale Jarrett

15. Kevin Harvick

16. Joe Nemechek

17. Brian Vickers

18. Dale Earnhardt Jr

Which three will it be? My picks are:

Carl Edwards (would have to really screw up to fall out of the Top 10)

Ryan Newman (look for a Top 5 finish tomorrow night)

Jeff Gordon (just a hunch; I can't see him not making it)

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Kenseth will leapfrog Edwards, and Gordon will leapfrog Newman and McMurray, so get ready to hear some more screaming "AHHHHH! TELL HIM NOT TO PASS ME!!! TELL HIM NOT TO...AHHHHH!! HE'S PASSING ME!!!" over McMurrays radio again tonight! :lol:

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Vicker will be a winner one day.

OOoooh! There's the kiss of death right there. They said the same about ol' Dick Trickle! :lol: (That ain't a name, that's a prostate symptom! :rolleyes:)

There's going to be a lot of cautions tonight!
And a lot of hot tempers to boot! Batten down the hatches boys, this ain't no race tonight...it's pure


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I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back on this one.  I rock!  B)

Can I change my picks? LOL ... good call, man. The race turned out to be quite uneventful.

It really did. Because the chase kinda was figured out throughout the race, rather than a 20 lap sprint between all 10th place contendas. We saw Gordon hit the wall and wave the white flag. Then McMurray gets tagged, and Sadler had a wreck early in the race. As long as Newman didn't have trouble, it was pretty much a lock of who was in and out early.

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