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Anderson a WR coach


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It seems Ken Anderson has a new job in Jacksonville. They moved him to WR's coach. WTF?! He was a QB....It seems the Jags realized that Anderson couldn't develop a QB to save his life. Nice guy, really good QB, really really bad QB coach.

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Well coaching in the NFL seems to be a bit of an Old Boys club...Where's the new blood? I'm sorry, if Anderson was a halfway decent QB coach it would be one thing....But he has yet to even improve one damn QB. What the hell has he done to deserve to keep getting a job in the NFL? Likewise all the coach shuffling that has gone on this offseason...How many new people were brought in versus how many FIRED coachs went to a new job? I mean Cowher fires his D coordinator, next day he is hired for the exact same job for another team....Damn, I want to be able to lose my job cause I screwed up and get a new job doing exactly the same thing and get paid just as well, if not better.....

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