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Final preseason stats


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When looking past what the starters did, I like what I see here.

A few that jumped out at me:

Chris Henry - 10 catches - 170 yards - 2 TDs

Kevin Walter - 11 catches - 143 yrds - 2 TDs

Chris Perry - 13 catches - 122 yards - 1 TD

Both Rudi and Perry finished with at least 4 yards a carry

Jon Kitna - 96.1 passer rating

All the starters look good too, except Palmer's completion percentage, which is bound to improve.

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Bramlet: 11/17 103 yards 64.7% 6.1 y/a 2 tds 0 ints 120.5 qb rating

Krenzel: 15/34 186 yards 44.1% 5.5 y/a 1 td 1 int 59.2 qb rating

^^^ Looks like the spot was chosen fairly. <_<

I know stats generally mean nothing as far as position choices go, and im always be the first one to say that, but these arent even close. Ive never seen anyone go so far off of 3 unearned wins. Krenzel is like the scrub version of Trent Dilfer.

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