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DT/LB Free Agents


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Here is the current list of Free Agents at these positions:


Keith Traylor - Chicago

Fred Robbins - Minnesota

Ted Washington - New England

Chester McGlockton - New York Jets

Cornelius Griffin - New York Giants

Grady Jackson - New Orleans

Kenny Smith - New Orleans (RFA)

Dana Stubblefield - Oakland

Paul Grasmanis - Philadelphia

Brian Young - St. Louis

Warren Sapp - Tampa Bay

Robaire Smith - Tennessee

Outside Linebackers:

Matt Stewart.- Atlanta (RFA)

Adalius Thomas - Baltimore

Ian Gold - Denver

Barrett Green - Detroit

Marcus Washington - Indianapolis

Danny Clark - Jacksonville

Morlon Greenwood - Miami (RFA)

Dhani Jones - New York Giants

Sedrick Hodge - New Orleans (RFA)

Carlos Emmons - Philadelphia

Clark Haggans - Pittsburgh

Julian Peterson - San Francisco

Inside Linebackers:

Edgerton Hartwell - Baltimore (RFA)

Al Wilson - Denver

Brandon Short - New York Giants

Zeke Moreno - San Diego (RFA)

Randall Godfrey - Seattle

Isaiah Kacyvenski - Seattle

Nate Webster - Tampa Bay (RFA)

Depending on the almighty dollar, I like (in this order) Robaire Smith, Ted Washington, Keith Traylor, and Warren Sapp.

At LB, Ian Gold, Dhani Jones and Carlos Emmons. Al Wilson is great, but will be too much $$ or too many draft picks if Denver slips Franchise on him.

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Good data here jbrooks, but I can't see the Bengals picking up any more than one or two of these guys, and still staying under the cap! But you never know how the books are going to get juggled to make room, eh?

I really would like to see Sapp (like I've said before!) but I just don't see his asking price being forked over by Mike Brown. Others here don't like his mouth, and I admit, it's a big one! :lol:

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I don't think we'll get any of those guys. Inasmuch as Julian Peterson or Wilson entice me to all hell, there's no way the $ for both the draft and big name FA guys will work. That's why Marvin is going all D in the draft and develop these guys.

I still think that 2004 we shouldn't expect a playoff spot. Contracts will be up after next season that we can unload and pick up bigger names after next season.

If we go the playoffs next season that would be great, but I'm not expecting it right now. Too much development going on right now to expect them to.

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Peterson from San Fran is really good too but i dont know if we could get him aways from there

Peterson is likely going to get franchised. Unless the actually franchise TO to try to get something for him...But the chances of that happening are slim and none. But that's okay, cause that means that Plummer walks and I still see stripes in his future...Of course I have a sneaky suspicion that he does too.

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Can't see Cincy adding another free-agent linebacker. Emmons would be tempting.. Keith Traylor at defensive tackle as well, but with their injuries (recent), probably would be a better investment to add youth,speed, and strength through the draft considering there is very good depth at linebacker this year .

Marvin Lewis believes a team is structured with older veteran players 10-years or more.. middle of the pack guys like your younger starters.. 4-6 year guys.. and your rookies. Well we have Hardy going on 9 years .. Simmons and Ross going on 7 and 8 years, and our younger players are Riall Johnson, Dwayne Levels, and Khalid Abdullah.

To me it's quite obvious we need to get better with our younger guys. Levels and Johnson are really nothing more than special team guys. Abdullah may have the athleticism to start, but is he smart enough to make a difference. Drafting a D.J. Williams or a Rod Davis or even a Grant Wiley in the early rounds would most likely push Levels and Johnson off the roster.

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I think people underestimate what the Bengals need?

A lot depends on what direction Lewis decides to go Kitna or Plamer.

CB/S help 1st (Burris and Hawkins need to go and Beckett and Roman could both possibly be gone, not likely but a chance)

LB help 2nd (Have to see if Abdullah will produce)

DL help 3rd (New scheme takes time, Williams might need to go)

C help 4th (Braham can give them one more year)

If Sean Taylor is around @ 17, I would snag him, espec if he is

90% good as Ed Reed is...If not a CB, DeAngelo Hall, great speed,

good tackler and another punt returner

If we are lucky to get a 3rd for Dillon use that and trade up in the 2nd for Dansby as I have read that he likely could be had in the 2nd round

3rd pick either goes DT or C (if a decent DT falls like Rien Long did last year) or a top center is still on the board or both if we keep the pick for Dillon...

Also Cincy could think about trading a future pick (like Balt did this year for Boller) if they feel the playoffs are in the picture next year and finish 11-5 (24th pick next year for another 1st (20th) this year-Vince Woolfolk, nice big DT)

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