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Did anybody see the NFL commercial at the beginning of the Green Bay-Seattle game that asked the question "what if Dwight Clark didn't make the catch?" It went on to say that the Bengals would have beat Dallas in Super Bowl 16...and Bill Walsh wouldn't have taught the West Coast offense to all these guys ....and that the Bengals would have drafted Jerry Rice in 1985 ....and he would've made the Hall of Fame". At that point the guy holds up a Bengals jersey with "Rice 87" on it.

Awsome commercial. Too bad TV is not reality sometimes.

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I'd love to know why we picked Eddie Brown instead of Jerry Rice in '85. Maybe because Brown was from Miami and Rice was from a D1AA school. But if remember right, Rice lead his Division in receptions or yardage so he was not an unknown.

Maybe someone knows for sure and can clarify for me.

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