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Happy New Year!

The Brew Man

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What would have Been Great , would have been if she gave him a quick peck......then went back to his question..

You ever see a drunk guy try to answer a question, right after he gets surprised...?

the odd look on his face from pure disbelief and ensuing "awkward" silence, would have been better than his question, and i bet she would have "flipped" the situation back on him...

if not.. still funny broadway Joe hitting on women he can't get anymore....

Happy Holidays.. Happy New Year everyone.

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Happy New Year to all Bengals fans everywhere.

Here's to all of us, and this time next year, may we all be talking about our upcoming playoff game.

Have fun .... stay safe ..... and don't go "Namath" on any of the young cuties. Especially not if your live on national tv.

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Happy New Year to everyone on this board! I hope everyone has a great new year. This year was not a good one for me healthwise. I was in the hospital 3 different times and in a nursing home for 10 months. I am back home now with my wife and kids and I am feeling much better! I have a good feeling about this new year and I pray everyone has a great new year :D .


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