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Reds Sign Lidle


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oops, double post... :D

That's okay 'Brew man. I like your picture of the last game the Bengals showed any attitude. Their win versus the Chiefs! We should have never made Chad shut up! It's speaks volumes about attitude. After that, it was never the same!

Oops, I fell off the thread too. Wait a minute...I was never on the damn thread! :lol:

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On second thought, I think Lidle is a great pickup. For 2.75 million? I think he could help rebuild the rotation.

While in the NL he's 7-2 with a 3.53 ERA -- albiet only 2 starst.

But he was damned good in Oakland.

13-6 3.59

8-10 3.89

He's definately an upgrade from what we have now.

Lidle may or may not pan out. I hope he does of course, but i've got my doubts.

My biggest problem with him, is that its left handed pitching that we need, and he's a righty. I find it hard to believe that there were no competent left handed pitchers that were available.

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