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If the Steelers win, the Bengals will buy!


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Hell yea! If I meet a Steelers fan after their win next Sunday night...his drinks are on me!! :P

Here's the link:


and also another link to the Steelers official site. Both very interesting!


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What a shame for Bungles fans to rely on another team to make their playoff hopes reality. And to have to rely on the squealers. Ha Ha. So you know you can't depend on your team to do the winning.

if you knew anything about the nfl, you would know theres alot of teams that need other teams to lose/win in order for them to make the playoffs.

i noticed that you don't have your team anywhere on your post, must be too ashamed

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Hey Mr. Bengals suck,

I see that you are making no effort to try and write something meaningful.

I told you before to put the Mad Dog 20/20 away but I see you just wont do it.

If you were at least a little intellegent, you would realize that teams rely on other teams througout the year.

Every team wants the other division rivals to be beaten by other teams.

I'm sure the Ravens are RELYING on Cleveland to beat the Bengals tonight so they don't have to worry about the Steelers.

Why am I explaining this to you?

You won't understand anyway.

But just to remind you, The Bengals win the division tonight.

And the Steelers still own the Ravens.

I'm sorry it has to be this way.

Lambert 58

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