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Good story on the Open House


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What does Pat Kirwan mean when he says:

As I pulled out of Cincinnati, it occurred to me that this team may not be ready for a Super Bowl run, but the quiet optimism of the head coach and the momentum of the late-season charge in 2004 have the team on the right track. The things Lewis is doing to bring this team closer together -- like a visit to a NASCAR track with the players for the experience of a race -- made me feel something very special is brewing in Bengals country.

Watch out AFC North, here they come ready or not!

If we're not ready this year, (which I BTW think Cincinnati is) then surely the Bengals will be next year. I personally feel come January, Cincinnati will be booking hotel space in Detroit! :player:

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He said MAY not be ready not Arent ready....I agree that we may not be ready just yet...The rooks will no doubt make their usual mistakes and Im still not sure about that D-Line regardless of how you structure them or the hype about Robinson being the tackle that will allow the lanes to open...

Still a question mark probably even in Marvin's mind at this point.. We'll know more after the preseason games I suppose...

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