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San Antonio Bengal

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Detroit gave us everything we could handle. They were a worthy champion and defending their title with everything they had. I really believe that had Detroit had the home-court advantage, they'd be repeating as champs right now.

The last three games of the series were just awesome. Defensive basketball won't lead you to score a lot of points, but the last three games were so close and back and forth and back and forth. And Bruce Bowen's block with a minute to go... that was the ultimate play of the evening. Wow.

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You really think this is one of the best series ever.(I gotta get better drugs, I guess.) The halftime score was 39-38 :o I'm not a fan of either team(or any NBA team for that matter) but I am a fan and I say it was one of the worst ever. Only two good games out of seven. It was a really good playoff season in general, but that was hard to watch.

Congrats to the Spurs, they were the better team.

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24 pts, 10 boards in game 7 is a very good performance vs the defense that he was playing. yes he shot poorly but he dictated the game more than any other player on either team.

and he was the spurs best player at least 2-3 times...and he really has only had what maybe one really bad game this series. unlike every other spur that had at least 2-3 very bad games.

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Some say Ginobli was the series MVP. Ginobli had great games in the first two games at home, but then slowed down. Part of it was the contusion, but the other part is that while Ginobli won't have a bad game, he will have games where he's mortal. He will go off and score 20-something or 30-something points and then follow it up with a game of 12 or 14 points. His style of play is one that leads to ups and downs like that.

Some say that Robert Horry should be the MVP. It is true that he should get a 6th man award if there were such a thing in the playoffs. The spark he gave the team was great and when we needed him to score, he did. He did a great job, but it wasn't at the finals MVP level.

I would like to give the MVP to Bruce Bowen for his terrific defense. Bruce doesn't show up very prominently in the box score. The way to gauge his performance is to look at the numbers of the guy he was guarding and see how much those numbers drop. The phantom of the opera, Rip Hamilton, was virtually a non-factor in the series. That was huge! And then his work when he switched on Billups was what sealed it all. Of course, maybe I'm biased since San Antonio fans have really taken on the image of the team with a defense first philosophy. It's probably seems really weird to the rest of you that we will just complain about a bad shot taken, but we will be jumping up and down, screaming at the players when they miss a defensive rotation.

Anyway, back to the MVP. People forget that Tim had great games in the first two, but Ginobli stole the show. Ginobli slowed down after those first games. And then we'll all remember Horry's shot in game 5. However, it was a combo of Timmy and Horry that got them into a position to win. No Timmy = no win in game 5. No Timmy = very close games in game 1 and 2. No Timmy = no win in game 7. Sure, he had a bad night up in Detroit, but wouldn't you expect that from almost anyone when you play the current champions three times in a row on their home floor? No one will be great all three games, or even two. Anyway, Tim Duncan was the Most Valuable Player.

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Who cares! Argue about in 2 weeks when the pre season starts. The NBA sux! and that's an under statement! :rolleyes:

You care when your team wins and there's a party on the river! :D

I LOVE parties there! I live in a van down by the river!! :lol:


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