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The Sapp to Bengals Article


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It's at the link below. It's not a recent article, but after reading, I doubt the Bengals are interested. All of them about money. But this was written before his alligator mouth kicked in. Any way, it looks as though bengal fan was on the up and up. I'm glad he was. Here's the link:


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Don't thank me fan man, thank the search engine "Google". That thing NEVER lets me down! Since I've downloaded it's free toolbar, finding anything on the net has been a breeze, PLUS...it's got a built in pop up blocker! The blocker knocks out about 95% of incoming pop ups.

Some evidently are better engineered than others.

Google is how I found "Bengalszone.com"! Geez, I'm starting to sound like a pitchman for Google!

In the future though, if you reference an article, you may want to copy and paste the URL link here from the address bar on your browser, that way people can read the article for themselves, although it took me just two minutes to find it. Obviously not all of us utilize Google. Oh...and you might want to also add how old the article is because that's what threw me, and alot of others here. :D

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Man that talk was so damn long ago.That was prior to last april's draft.Was doing some reading on Several Websites.Looks like teams will make a play for both of our running backs.Cincy will tender an offer to Rudi so they have to at least get a first rounder in compensation,as well as Dillon possibly playing his last game as a bengal come this sunday.Detroit has shown interest in trading for Dillon,as well as New England and Washington showing considerable interest in Both Dillon and Rudi. There is a very good chance because of dillon's favorable cap hit and Rudi's breakout year that Cincy could be without either of their best running backs before next april's draft.Cincinnati would most likely have three first round picks come next april with Dillon going to Detroit because he would be a lot cheaper than a top 5 pick at running back and New England could finally end the debacle at running back with Antwoin Smith by getting Rudi with one of their additional 1st. rounders.

Don't want to lose both,but if we did ,not a bad year to do so,with guys like Steven Jackson,Kevin Jones,Cedric Benson,and Chris Perry available.All of these guys look and run like the better backs in the league now.Jackson runs like Dillon and is built like Eddie George.Kevin Jones looks like another Fred Taylor.Cedric Benson all though a little smaller than Ricky Williams has the same style and ran all over some very good defenses in the big 12.Chris Perry Has some Dillonesque' tendencies as well,but his breakaway speed is probably a lil' better.

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