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Okay!!! Latest News: F1 is going the route of CART


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Puhleeze DO!!! Until the old chronies get the hell out, open wheel/F1 racing will continue to die a slow agonizing death! What happened in the American Gran Prix is without a doubt the most inexcusable thing I have EVER seen in racing BAR NONE! :angry:

Yeah, I know everyone looks down their noses at Nascar, thinking that's just a bunch of beer drinking, mullet-headed rednecks running around in circles, but the truth remains the only people Nascar is running around is every other form of auto racing!

Would this ever happen in Nascar? Sure it would! On the same day George W. Bush showed up on the Democratic ticket!! :lol:

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The champ cars splitting would be catastrophic for open wheel racing. F1 doesn't have a huge US following anyway since most people dont enjoy road course racing, which is also one reason for the popularity of stock cars on the ovals. Cart/IRL have yet to recover from that split and only Danica's perofrmance at indy has shown any bright spots amongst open wheel racing. The sport seems to be dying a slow death, unless they unify and get some quality leadership they are going to continue to slip away.

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Cart/IRL have yet to recover from that split and only Danica's perofrmance at indy has shown any bright spots amongst open wheel racing.

Ahhhh....Danica! :rolleyes: To quote the Beatles: Baby you can drive my car. B)


If she makes the move from open wheel to stock car racing...watch the f**k out! It will make this Earnhardt Jr. love affair look like puppy love!! :lol:

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Oh man. F1 first rips off their few remaining American fans with that pathetic excuse for a race they just held here, and now F1's boss Bernie Ecclestone goes and publically likened women to "domestic appliances." This was in response to a Danica Patrick conversation. From CBS Sportsline:



  F1 boss calls Patrick again, still trying to make amends     

  June 25, 2005

CBS SportsLine.com wire reports     


  RICHMOND, Va. -- Danica Patrick got another phone call from Bernie Ecclestone, and she remains puzzled by this series of exchanges after the Formula One boss likened women to "domestic appliances."

"He said that ... he didn't mean to be harmful to me," said Patrick, who received a phone message from Ecclestone when she got off a plane. "He said, 'I wasn't trying to insult you. Quite the opposite, really.'"

Ecclestone's first phone call surprised her.

"All I know is he seems like he's trying to make amends," she said. "I guess that's nice of him to try and at least make an effort to call and correct things. But, on the other hand, where that may be proper slang or a good joke in another country, we obviously didn't get it here."

Last month, Patrick became the first woman to lead a lap at the Indianapolis 500. She finished fourth, the best finish by a woman in the 89-year history of the race, and her second fourth in the IRL series.

Patrick had received an earlier call from Ecclestone. He had congratulated the IRL rookie for her performance at the Indy 500, but also reiterated remarks he had made during an interview at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where the U.S. Grand Prix was being held.

Among the comments Ecclestone made in the interview and to Patrick was that "Women should be all dressed in white like all other domestic appliances."

"I just didn't make sense of it," Patrick said during a subsequent IRL conference call. "I was surprised, I guess, somebody would say that to me."

Smart guy that Bernie, eh? <_< And they call rednecks stupid! I don't think you'll find any quotes this boneheaded by Nascar boss Bill France! I'm starting to watch F1 again just to see how they screw up next! They're inventing new ways daily! :lol:

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