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Steelers pulling for the Bengals?


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It sure is funny how the Steelers beat the crap out of the Ravens almost evrytime we play.

Forget about stats.

The Ravens have been our punching bags for a while now.

It won't stop this Sunday.

The AFC North is going on vacation, except for the Bengals.

Go Steelers!

P.S. Tell the arrogant ravens coach to take the mirror and comb out of his back pocket.

Lambert 58

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Don't you just love it when other teams fans show up at our Cincy website to wage the war of words!?! We can just sit back quietly and watch. No surfing between sites involved!

P.S. I do like all you guys, regardless. You're good fans of your respective teams, and to be commended for it! Bandwagon jumpers you're NOT! B)

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I'll be damned lambert58 if you don't sound quite convincing. If your Steelers pull off yet another win at the Ravens M&T Bank home park, I'll be calling you the soothsayer from here on out!

God I can't wait until Sunday! I'm dying for it to get over with. The pressure in my head is nearing explosion! Must....have....more....football....Aaarrrgghhhhhhh! :P

The Steelers aren't the only ones seeming to be pulling for us...Check out this post from the forum of the "SteelCitysports.com":

Wally G

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Posted: 12/24/03 8:21:12 am

Hoping for a Steeler win.


Alright, Steeler fans. Even though we love to hate you, I think there will be a vast majority of fans in NE Ohio cheering your Steelers to a victory Sunday.

You take care of Modell's team, and my Browns will do their part, the el-foldo for the Bungles. That will assure the Bungles the playoffs, and Modell's team will be like us, watching the playoffs.

That would be a fantastic Christmas gift!

Whoa! :blink:

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