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I'm gonna faint

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John Kruk tonight did some serious horn tooting for Randa to represent the Reds @ 3rd base in the All Star game. I'm really not sure I heard that right! Kruk never says anything positive about any Cincinnati player! I'll be he's got a "Chaquita Check" in his pocket for it. <_<

Nice try Carl! :rolleyes:

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I like Cesar Izturis, but this season it is not that big of a difference. I think Lopez even has a slight edge.


.303 10HR 36 RBI .351 OBP .553 SLG .904 OPS

.981 Fielding Pct, 3 errors


.304 1HR 20 RBI .351 OBP .373 SLG . 720 OPS

.979 Fielding Pct, 6 errors

Izturis has Lopez 2-1 in total chances.

Lopez leads all NL shortstops in HR, and RBI and is 3rd in BA, trailing on Izturis and Barmes

It's close if you look at the stats.

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