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Alittle praise from NFL.com


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The Cincinnati Bengals' revamping their defensive line. Thanks in large part to the influence of new defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan, the Bengals have made a series of promising moves up front. The addition of former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Bryan Robinson should help shore up a porous run defense because of his skills and because it allows John Thornton to move from left to right tackle, where he should face less double-team blocking. Other key changes are having a larger Robert Geathers, who added 10 pounds to the 273-pound frame he had in 2004, at right end and moving Justin Smith from right to left end, where he can combine his run-stopping talents with those of Robinson


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I don't understand how this is a "revamped" defense? They replaced two people, and flip-flopped two others upfront.

Pollack is a rookie and hasn't proven anything yet on this level also. It's not as if he was a top 15 pick either, and is also playing an entirely new position.

Just tend to be more realistic than whatever the hell NFL.com was thinking.

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Now this article is front page calling the Bengals Defense DOMINANT?!?!?



If that kind of thing makes you happy...and as cynical as I am about the media, I couldn't help but smile.

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