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1984 and 1986!


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The Steelers beat the Raiders tha last game of the 84' season to keep us out and 86' the Pats beat the Dolphins to keep us out. Is 3 times a charm? I hope so. Given the choice there aren't many other teams I would want to play the Ravens to knock them out than the Steelers. I can't wait to see that Cowher jaw. Wright sucks and the Steelers can shut down Lewis. The Ravens are tough though. Too much stress. We should have beat the Cards are Raiders and we would have avoided this mess, but it has been a great season none the less, and I can't wait to see the defense next year.

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:( Don't forget the Christmas Day night game in 1989 when Boomer and the boys lost to the Vikings and missed out. This year it's our turn.

Man.........I remember that xmas! Just laid off from work, the wife and I had just split up................and I remember watching my team lose on Christmas night to the Vikes! Aarrrggghhh!

I believe Go BENGALS! Go Steelers!

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yeah i remember that vikings game. we had lost ickey woods to a cheap shot out of bounds by carnell lake of the steelers in week 2 that year. and that other fullback "rhino" scored on a little hitch pass from boomer.89 was a rough year.All set up by a really bad draft.We had ickey and james brooks and we drafted Erick Ball because he had one good game at ucla.when it comes to our team and our failures it always comes back to our drafts.Thank you Marvin Lewis.You don't know how much you were appreciated even before this season began.Let's keep our hopes up. wait a minute... can you guys hear that.. i think it's GUNS & ROSES' Welcome to the Jungle off in the distance.... B)

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