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The Sporting News' Unit Analysis: Safeties


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Every week, the Sporting News has been grading each position in each conference. This week, safety units were graded. We came in 9th in the conference. We received this comment

"Madieu Williams is a blossoming star, but the run defense needs an enforcer."

This probably isn't of much news to anybody here.

The Steelers received the second highest grade in the conference, grading out at an A-.

"Troy Polamalu and Chris Hope are young, athletic and fast and hit like linebackers.

The Ravens received a B just because they have Ed Reed. Will Demps's rating dragged them down.

"Ed Reed is one of the NFL's best players, but Will Demps can be a liability in coverage."

The Browns were third to last in the conference, receiving a C-.

The Patriots had the highest grade.

I'll try to dig out later issues to give you grades on other positions.


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Just found these:

Defensive Ends

B-, 7th in conference.

"Robert Geathers and David Pollack improve the unit's depth and pass rush."



C+, 11th in AFC

"David Pollack is a nice addition, but the pieces need time to jell."

Not a bad analysis of the situation I think. I'm gone to look for more.

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Some of these mags love the Safetys like Polamalu and Roy Williams-Cowboys, which are like a 4th linebacker. Add Thomas Davis to that list although he was drafted as a linebacker. Marvin and Chuck don't like that kind of safety. Those of you that want a reincarnation of David Fulcher are gonna be constantly disappointed in our roster of safeties. Herring and Kaesviharn are exactly what Lewis wants. He wants better cover guys than the run stuffer-8 in the box type.

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But with a guy like Kase, you Aare lacking that ability to come up and punish somebody. I dont think we need a fourth linebacker type, but I would like decent cover guy that has the ability to make tackles. I think that Madieu Williams is a perfect example ofthat. The problem is that we dont have another guy that can do both of those things well. I think that one more above average safety is the one piece that this team is missing. Because we need another good safety, Pollack and Thurman need time, and Madieu has time to become great, I think that NEXT year is our year.

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