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Does anyone watch The Contender? I think its the best reality show on tv right now. The live finale is on right now. It's a good fight so far. Looks like Sergio is wearin Peter out. It will be interesting to see if they can keep up the pace.

I guess Peter just layed a big hit on Sergio after the bell.

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I had to work last night and had to miss the final...I'm glad Sergio won, though. He was my favorite to win it for quite a while...I thought that he was far and away the smartest fighter on the show and was a pretty decent guy, too.

I was hoping for an Alfonso-Sergio final, but I knew that it would be Peter vs. somebody.

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I was routing for Ishe, but since Sergio beat him, I started cheering for him from then on. I thought the finale should have been Sergio v. Alphonso, because he beat Manfredo in the very first fight. I dont know though.

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