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The different systems used in rating teams

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Sagerin ratings may work for collage but not pros... As stated above it doesnt take into account injuries, draft , aging players etc..... I dont think the bengals would be something like 16 point underdogs if they were to play NE in NE....

Ratings are what writers make up with their free time.. Its what a team's record is and if its good enough to get into the playoffs. Thats ALL that matters in the nfl.

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Sagarin's ratings are all math.

What professional NFL ratings system is there that doesn't use some sort of mathmatical calculation in it's results? Everything breaks down mathmatically, right on down to our very Deoxyribonucleic Acid, more commonly referred to as DNA! (Now there's something you wouldn't have quoted me saying in high school!) :rolleyes:

Matter of fact, if you pile it up in the right order and amount, you can name it "Carson", hang a striped #9 Bengals jersey on it, and have it throw footballs to your other piles of DNA on Sundays in the fall! :lol:

His math makes us the 9th best team in '04.

It means nothing for '05. 

Possibly, but like I said in the 1st post, this came out before all of the draft/free agency moves.

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