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A Mental Flash


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I don't know why, but while relaxing on my front porch last night I had a "mental flash" that when the Bengals get introduced at the start of the Bengals - Browns game on 12/28, they are introduced as the AFC North Champions with the home crowd going nuts!!

Could happen for sure:

The Bengals can beat the Rams. We beat the unbeaten Chiefs. We now have to beat the unbeaten at home Rams. With the AFC North crown within reach, the Bengals will be fired up.

And the Browns, who have played some good football the last couple of weeks (23-20 OT loss to the Broncos and 26-20 loss to the Rams), can beat the Ravens. I'm thinking revenge could play a big factor in that game up in Cleveland. A little payback for J. Lewis breaking Corey's single game rushing record against them, AND payback for the 54 YD interception return for a TD by Reed at the end of the game...with the game won. He could've hit the ground and secured the 26-13 win. Instead they ran it up some more. That should fire the Browns up at home to payback the biggest a$$hole coach since Jerry Glanville. I actually didn't mind Jerry, he was funny. I didn't mind us crushing his Oilers 61-7 in a "payback" game either!! Brian Billick IS an a$$hole.

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