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Rich Eisen interview with Chad.....

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Rich Eisen: It is the new Pro Bowler from the Cincinnati Bengals, Chad Johnson. Congratulations on your Pro Bowl selection, Chad.

Chad Johnson: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Eisen: You're welcome. So let's talk about this whole situation right off the bat, Chad. Were you kidding, maybe trying to tweak the league a little bit when you said you got two more games and you got two more fines left?

Johnson: Yeah ... naw, I wasn't kidding. Of course, of course, I was kidding. I mean I'm through with it. I feel if they weren't so picky that the celebrations wouldn't be as much, you know, things would be toned down a little bit.

Eisen: So by the fact that they continue to fine you and they fine other players, they are just stoking the flames, is that what you're saying?

Johnson: Yeah, in a way. If it wasn't so much focus on what someone was doing after celebrating a TD, I don't think it would have got to the point of the Sharpie thing or the cell phone or even, you know, the sign.

Seth Joyner: Chad, Seth Joyner here and congratulations on your first Pro Bowl selection.

Johnson: Thank you.

Joyner: Why are you so defiant with the NFL? You know you're fighting a battle that you can't win. Why continue to give away your hard-earned dollars in a situation that you know you can't win?

Johnson: Everybody doesn't play this game for the money, man, and I'm one of those. It's not even about the money.

Joyner: It might not be about the money, but you're causing yourself some negative publicity. You're also putting yourself in a situation, like I said, you're fighting a battle which you can't win. There is nothing wrong with celebrating and enjoying the game, but when the line is drawn the line is drawn.

Johnson: All right, well would you like me to stop, I'll stop.

Joyner: I'm not approaching it from that point of view. I'm just asking you a question, my man.

Johnson: I'm having fun; I'm going to continue to have fun.

Joyner: I want you to have fun. I'm a former player. I know what it is to have fun. I'm all for fun. I don't want you to feel like I'm attacking you in any way here. I'm asking a question that I'm curious about and I'm sure there are a lot of people watching the show very curious about.

Johnson: I'm just going to continue to have fun. I'm going to continue to score and continue to help my team improve. And, you know, make this run to the playoffs. What I do once I get to the end zone, whether I celebrate or not, I don't know. I don't know what I'll do.

Eisen: Well, clearly you listen to what your coach says and you truly admire what your coach says. Let's take a listen to what we heard through some NFL Films footage earlier in the year.

Marvin Lewis: Let's go baby ... what's up today, you tired?

Johnson: Secret ... I want to be one of the greatest to ever play this game.

Lewis: That's not a secret.

Johnson: But I want to be better then Rice. Y'all got to help me.

Eisen: That's sort of a part of the relationship that you have with Coach Lewis. What is he counseling you in this current situation, Chad?

Johnson: Tone it down ... you know. He told me to tone it down a little bit and I am going to listen to him. I'm not going to do anything to hurt our team off of the celebrations. I just want to continue to help and contribute in anyway I can and I'll continue to do that.

Eisen: What are you hearing from Cincinnati Bengal fans who, quite frankly, have to be looking at you like a godsend. You know they haven't they haven't had anybody quite like you in that area for years, if at all. So what are you hearing from them?

Johnson: Everybody loves it. I like to make it exciting for the fans. You know it's been a while since they have been able to come down and fill the stadium and have something to look forward to, not only watching the game, but keeping people on the edge of their seat. You know, what is he going to do next, in that type of sense. I know the fine thing is kind of getting carried away, the celebrations are kind of getting carried away, so you know I am going to tone it down. I don't know when but I will.

Joyner: You know making the Pro Bowl is a big deal. It's got to be for you because I know as a player, when you make the Pro Bowl it's a declaration from your fans, your peers and from the coaches who coach in this game that you are a good player. You have been in Cincinnati for three years now. What is the biggest change that you have seen since your first year there, now in your third year and first under Marvin Lewis?

Johnson: Marvin has completely turned this entire organization around. Marvin's presence alone has everyone else upbeat. You know there are so many things that he has done for us and it has all started upstairs with Mike Brown with the hiring and everything. What Marvin has done is unbelievable and it's really too much to go through but it's just his presence alone. He is such a detail guy as far as having things done the right way. He has taught us how to win, something that we weren't use to, which is winning, that's how we do what we do each Sunday

Eisen: I got two more questions for you, Chad. One, what is cousin Keyshawn telling you in this situation?

Johnson: No, I haven't talked to Key yet. I haven't talked to him yet; he probably got an earful for me. And a lot of people have a lot of things to say, but we got two games left and we got a chance to do something real special. I'm not really too focused on what people got to say about it, but all I can say is that I'm going to continue to have fun and help us get to what we're trying to get to.

Eisen: There is no snow inside the dome in St Louis so you're going to have to come up with something a little different this week.

Johnson: Something that won't get me fined and something within that won't get us a penalty.

Eisen: So you are in fact cooking something up, is what you're saying?

Johnson: As long as it doesn't get me in trouble.

Eisen: So basically you try go figure something out so you cook something up that will get just a little short of a 15-yard penalty you're saying?

Johnson: Yeah, something like that.

Eisen: I know I said I only had two more questions, but do you have like an inner circle of friends who you talk about this sort of stuff with?

Johnson: Naw, I don't talk to no one about it

Eisen: Just you...

Johnson: Just me, yep.

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