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Trading up?


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Do any of our draft-savvy posters think that there is a chance the Bengals will trade up into the top 10 this year?

We keep hearing about trading down and maybe trading out of the first round altogether. However, is there someone worth trading for? Is there a scenario in which the Bengals will trade up and mortgage picks from this year or next to get that play-maker on defense?

I know I don't study the draft or follow college FB like many do here, but I feel like this is a ho-hum draft with no marquee players by the time our turn comes. There seem to be marginal upgrades, role players or guys for special teams but not much more than that.

I keep looking and hoping for that one guy that will make a significant difference on the defense this year.

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I brought this topic up a month or so ago and have to believe there is no way in hell we give up picks to trade up. There is toooooo much talent in the later rounds to be giving up picks at this point, unless it's some kind of unbelieveable s**t. Have to think we either stay put at #17 or trade down, but have to think NO to trading up. Just my .02...


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No way ML moves up in the first round. There will be plenty of players on his list still on the board at 17. Better chance that they move down. In fact I believe this will be the case if the can find a dance partner. This is a second round draft where teams will find tons of first round material landing right where the Bengals have always made hay.

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