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Good advice to Tom Brady

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You're wearing two Super Bowl rings and undoubtedly you're a great QB, personable and likeable fella, and the chicks seem wild about you too. But here's a little advice here from someone who has been watching SNL since their very first show back in the '70's....

The next time someone invites you to be on a television show, and on this show they will want you to play some parts in some skits and be "funny," as in you actually making other people laugh...please Tom, please for the love of God decline it!! You may have wonderful abilities in football, but when it comes to comedy, you turn the ball over every time! Just stick to shows like Fox's "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" and you'll be fine.

OMFG...that was the worst SNL show hosted by a jock I have ever seen! A few times it was almost too painful! Granted, some of the skits they had Brady in sucked giant donkey balls, but so did the ones other jocks were in, and we laughed at their embarrassment, but Brady's went beyond all that.

I liked the show's featured guest musical artist performances by "Beck" immensely more the "Brady's Bits," and I hate "Beck!" He's a nerd trying to rock! Reminds me of a cross between that "Napolean Dynamite" dude, and a "Best Buy Geek Squad "escapee who swapped out his white button down shirt and pocket protector for a guitar and some "back to school" clothes his mom picked out on sale for him at "The Gap" to wear while he jams with his band. Yet...he's got a gold record or two! :wacko: Big deal. So does Micheal Bolton and "Entertainment Tonights" old host John Tesh! <_<

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