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12 in a row to the astros


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Yeah, good point Kirk. The reason the Mets lost all three was because they couldnt stop the lineup. And, now, the ASStros pitching has more than quelled the storm that the Reds' lineup can produce, and they are dominating. (Besides last night), the Reds haven't lost by all too many runs this season, and all their losses have occurred because the lineup has been shut down. Boo for low run totals.

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Yea, our pitching has pitched well. They are 13th in MLB in terms of ERA and our relief pitching is 12th.

Some notes about our stuggling bats:

(all rankings are NL only which has 16 teams).

- 12th in total runs scored.

- 11th in home runs in a ballpark second to Coors Field on reputation of long balls.

- 12th OPS

- 16th (last) with 1 total stolen base!

- 1st in total strikeouts.

- 14th in walks

- 15th in runs created ([(H + BB + HBP - CS - GIDP) times (Total bases + .26[bB - IBB + HBP] + .52[sH + SF + SB])] divided by (AB + BB + HBP + SH+ SF)

- 14th in RC27 (Runs created per 27 outs (Estimates how many runs per game a team made up of nine of the same player would score))

This team is made up of offense and when we're not scoring, like now, we lose -- like now (lost 5 of our last 6). Pitiful.

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yay! they pulled it out today!

Barely, but hey...a wins a win. I'm glad the Reds finally decided that an even dozen losses in a row to the Astros should be enough before they so rudely interrupted it to get a win in of their own! <_<

And to think that last week some people actually spoke of the Reds throwing back to the '90 season with some talk of this team also going "Wire-To-Wire." :rolleyes: Ooh! Just missed it! Unfortunately the season has a few more than three games, otherwise they'd have had it.

Last year they played very well up until the All Star break. The Reds were in and out of 1st place, going back and forth with the Cubs, then folded up quicker than a cheap lawnchair meeting Rosie O'Donnels a** for the first time!

Looks like ol' Rosie may have come looking for her seat in the Reds "lawnchair" a lot earlier this season! :(

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Every team goes through a big struggle. This is ours... that means we'll go on fire in SECOND half of the season this year instead of the first.

World Series in '05!

Super Bowl in '05!


Uh...I think your little chats with Hobson are beginning to bring out a dominatingly optimistic, "looking-at-the-bright-side" of you! :rolleyes:

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