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Here are our First round draft picks from 25 different draft sites

Travis Johnson 11 x

Thomas Davis 3 x

Erasmus James 3 x

Marcus Spears 2 x

Shaun Cody 2x

Heath Miller 2x

Carlos Rodgers 1x

Rolle 1x

Second Round

Chris Spencer 5x

David Bass

Channing Crowder

Anttaj Hawthorn

Lance Mitchell

Luis Castillo

Robert McCune

Mike Patterson

Earnest Shazor

Darryl Blackstock

Heath Miller

First RD fairly consistent second round all over the place.

I used www.hailredskins.com

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I've been tracking similar info from "Web's Largest NFL Mock Draft Database (www.hailredskins.com/MockDraft.htm) from 28 sites.

Travis Johnson -- 9x

Shawn Cody -- 4x

David Pollack -- 3x

Heath Miller -- 3x

Erasmus James -- 2x

Thomas Davis -- 2x

Troy Williamson --1x

Adam Jones -- 1x

Shawn Merriman -- 1x

Marcus Spears -- 1x

- One website has the Bengals trading down and taking Chris Spencer at 31

I was concerned that your data did NOT include any mock drafts where David Pollack (my personal favorite) was selected.

As to the 2nd round the additions to your list were:

Atiyyah Ellison

Justin Tuck

Alex Smith

Robert McCune

DeMarcus Ware

Mike Patterson

Travis Johnson was the predominant 1st round pick and Chris Spencer was the predominant 2nd pick.

ONE MORE WEEK and we will KNOW :lol:;)B)

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I am prejudiced towards Cody since I've seen him play so much against the best competition and prevail, but wouldn't be upset with Davis or Pollack.

That probably means we'll end up taking Travis Johnson :rolleyes:

IF they get one of those 3 above (Cody, Davis or Pollack) AND get still get Spencer in the 2nd round - THAT would make for a successful draft IMO.

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I'm hoping Marcus spears, most people don't have us taking him, because most think he'll be gone by pick#17.

If he's there, we'd have quite the stout D line, with J Smith LDE, Thorton LDT, Robinson RDT, and Spears RDE.

the right side would be a great run stuffing side, and the Left side could go all out on that QB.

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I agree with J ditty. I mean if he is the best Center in the draft do you think he is going to fall to us at #48? I see us taking a center later in the draft, even Marivn said that could be possible. If Spencer is there at #48 we will take him, but if not look for Crowder. 1st round is a toss up. Could trade down and take Crowder, or Just wait till #48, or we could take Merriman. From what I heard his stock is dropping!!! He is #15 on Mel' big Board!

Isn't there a Center from North Dakota State who is like unreal and never gave up a sack in two years? I could see us taking Wilkerson too.

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This year's draft reminds me of the one in 1989. The Bengals were picking pretty low since they were in the Super Bowl the year before. They ended up trading down and taking RB Eric Ball from UCLA in the 2nd round since there was no one that compelling in the first. That draft had alot of studs near the top like Aikman and Deion and Barry Sanders but by the time it got to the Bengals pick I think Ball was their guy and they figured he'd be there lower which he was at 35.

I wouldn't be surprised if they do drop down if Davis or some of the linemen or LBs are gone. Having a lower pick also helps with the cap too.

Personally I don't see them going for an offensive pick with their first unless they nab someone like Spencer and come back with a high second rounder where they can go defense. ML has gone offense with his first 3 picks in 2003 and his first one in 2004. He still hasn't drafted that cornerstone defensive player yet at the top.

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I'm hoping Marcus spears, most people don't have us taking him, because most think he'll be gone by pick#17.

Spears was my first choice months ago...before his value was said to have gone thru the roof. Now it seems more and more likely that he'll be around at #17. Then again, in this draft who knows? If pressed I'd say he's still my guy, mostly because I'm desperate for an upgrade at LDE, but I've got far too many doubts that he's what Marvin wants to bother pimping him....or anyone else for that matter.

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I'd like to see Geathers man the left side this year, call me crazy, but with this year's deep crop of CB's. I'd like to see Rolle or jones if they drop(they won't) or a guy like Corey Webster or Carlos Rogers.With Tory being 32 and Deltha being injury prone I can see this happening(along with 1,589 other scenarios)

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