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Reds-Cards series

The Brew Man

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First of all this team can't hit right now. We lead MLB with 63 strikeouts -- 44 more than St. Louis and 30 more than Houston. We can't hit runners in scoring position -- batting .228. Only 3 guys batting .300 or more (Lopez w/ only 10 AB). Only 3 players with a HR this season.

Starters have a 4.62 ERA and have allowed a league leader 11 homeruns (after only 7 games).

In fairness, our starting pitching has been solid but there's always an inning where they break down, i.e. Harang last night. Our hitting has really let us down considering it's the crutch of our team.

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Looks grim again.....what is it about the Cards and Stros that we cant handle???


Marty had a stat the other day that said we had a winning record against all of MLB last year but we were something like 11 and 25 against Houston and St. Louis.

I would love to know what Bagwell and Biggio's career numbers are against the Reds. Gotta be .340 or better batting with a ton of RBI's.

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