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Carlos Rogers


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in the newest addition of the nfldraftcountdown.com mock draft the bengals at pick #17 select Carlos Rogers CB Auburn Univ. Hes a great defensive player but we are good at corner, really good. Note that this website has the highest mock draft score.

"After two solid seasons in a row it is time for the Bengals to take that next step and Marvin Lewis knows that in order for that to happen improvements must be made on the defensive side of the ball, which is his bread and butter. On the first day of the draft last year the team added a couple of players to the secondary that look to be keepers in Madieu Williams and Keiwan Ratliff but the work is not done so if they have a chance to add a top coverman they would be hard-pressed not to. Rogers has everything you look for in a top corner physically and he came through with a tremendous senior campaign as well as an eye-opening performance at the Combine that has solidified him as a legitimate mid-first round pick. In fact, if he fell this far it would be quite the steal because he could very easily go as early as #9 overall. The other most likely option here would be the defensive line, either at tackle or end where they have a lot of solid players but lack difference makers. If that is indeed the route the opt to go watch for names like Travis Johnson, David Pollack and Erasmus James to enter the conversations. If Thomas Davis is available he would be an excellent fit as well and Cincy could even surprise and look to the offense where Heath Miller would fill a need at tight end and there has been talk of them looking to add a receiver early on. However, going by the personality and ideology of the man in charge look for this pick to be used on defense." - nfldraftcountdown.com

i like this guy but i dont think we should draft him unless he can play safety. what do you guys think?

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i love rogers and I feel whatever team gets him will be made instantly better, he may even be the best CB in the draft. I think if this guy is here, take him or trade the pick, someone is going to really want to trade up for this guy, whether it be St.Louis, the seahawks, denver. He is a great player, he's an elite cover guy who plays hard and is above average against the run, and even though i'd personally rather have Pollack, Davis, or James, drafting Rogers would be fine, Keep in mind that he won the Thorpe Award Last year which goes to show he does not lack polish and was elite at the college level, he's an instant impact guy.Marvin said he's going to take who he thinks the best player is and out of those names i just said Rogers' talent is greater, his stock may have moved ahead of Adam Jones' (who would also make me happy at 17)...you can never have enough cover corners and thats exactly what this guy is (also Tory James is over 30, and drafting an elite prospect such as Rogers or Jones would assure us a bright future) ( Deltha O'Neal is still a bit inconsistent) ( Keiwan Ratliff is good but his talent doesnt match up to Rogers or Jones) bottomline: This guy would be a great addition to the team, but if we don't get him we're still more than adequate at corner

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I wouldn't have any issues with the pick assuming he was the best player available and no one was offering a possibility to trade down. If Davis is gone or another one doesn't slip to #17, then who the hell knows ?? As stated earlier, Tory is getting up there and CB is always something good to have depth in !!!


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The only thing is we have needs and cornerback is not one. Tory James is now among the top 10 corners in the game. Deltha O'Neal isnt great but when I watch him play I see the X-Factor with speed and agressiveness. Kiewan Ratliff the future of conerback in Cincinnati. By the time Tory retires Kiewan will be in prime.

I love Carlos Rogers but there is no reason to draft a cornerback. QB, RB, CB are the only three positions I was sure we would not draft early. I can see us drafting anything else from WR/TE to O-Line to D-Line to LB to Safety. With Rogers he (with ML's coaching style of barely playing rookies in front of veterans) would be the 4th CB on the depth chart. If we need one in the future we will get one then.

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Other than Derrick Johnson, there are no 1st round LB's, Crowder has fallen to Late First-Second and Thurman is not worth the 17th pick (although he has risen to a spot in the late first-early second) Blackstock and Burnett are OLB which is a lesser need and still should not be 1st rounders, yet will not come close to falling to the Bengals at 48, If LB is a position we do end up adressing expect it in the 3rd-5th rounds ( Matt McCoy, Adam Seward, Mike Goolsby, Robert McCune etc.) It will take a player like Derrick Johnson in the 1st (which the probability is about 1:500 that he will fall to 17), Barrett Ruud, Burnett, Blackstock, Crowder or Thurman in the 2nd (which is not likely for any of them to be there)... notice I didnt say Shawne Merriman or Demarcus Ware's name, this is because I believe Merrimen to be either a 4-3 end or a 3-4 OLB and the same goes for Ware, who could develop into a Dwight Freeny like player as an undersized end, although Ware is more likely to be drafted by a 3-4 team that wants him to play LB... Back to Rogers though, if he's the best player there take him, you can never get too many cover corners and usually teams draft picks are sucessful based on a players talent not needs if you know what I mean... Picking for pure need is much riskier than just selecting the best player available around the mid first round...so I guess the point i'm trying to make is

1st round: Best player available (other than QB,RB)

2nd round: LB (if one falls), C (only Chris Spencer), WR (White, Brown may fall),DT (Mike Patterson, Anttaj Hawthorne or Luis Castillo), DE (Tuck or Canty)

3rd round: LB, C (Jason Brown), WR (Murphy, Mathis) SS (Shazor or Nicholson)

and I guess you could say my ideal draft would go like this

1 Troy Williamson

2 Mike Patterson

3 Ernest Shazor

4 Robert McCune

5 Ben Wilkerson (stock has dropped to around here)

here's what I actually think it's going to look like (each round shows the three people I think the bengals will most likely end up choosing)

1. Mark Clayton-Thomas Davis-David Pollack

2. Barrett Ruud-Mike Patterson-Chris Spencer

3. Donte Nicholson-Ernest Shazor-Jason Brown

4. LB-TE

There are probably going to be alot of people who argue with me on all of these picks and feel free to do so

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