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Arrington Frustrated

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Interesting lil' note from gossip central, i.e. profootballtalk.com...


Although the cap consequences of a trade or release of linebacker LaVar Arrington would likely force the Redskins to carry only 36 guys on the roster this season, Arrington could be thinking about making a move out of D.C.

Last week, Arrington sounded off on the team for the manner in which his knee injury has been handled, suggesting that the organization rushed him back to the field too quickly in 2004, and that the team didn't properly publicize his recent setback, which resulted in arthroscopic surgery.

And we've heard that Arrington recently was in Cincinnati visiting with some Bengals players.  The Bengals head coach, by the way, is former Redskins defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis.

So what does this mean?  Likely nothing.

But maybe something.

Arrington has been with the Redskins since 2000, and he has seen a revolving door of head coaches and a constant steam of unfulfilled expectations.  At some point, he's sure to conclude that enough is enough.

Even if Arrington would love to leave the 'Skins and rejoin Lewis in the Queen City, the cap simply won't let it happen. 

Of course, the Redskins should have thought about that before they gave receiver Laveranues Coles a ticket out of town simply because he was unhappy (hey, Laveranues, plenty of people aren't happy with their jobs, but they still drag their asses out of bed every day and go to work).  By giving in to Coles, the 'Skins established a potentially dangerous precedent that might cause a guy like Arrington to pout and cry and piss and moan until he gets a ticket out of town, too.

Either way, it's bad news for a team whose head coach is trying desperately to put a happy face on a continuously deteriorating situation.

Dunno what the hit would be for the Skins if they cut LaVar, but I'll take pfw's word it's be too much. And LaVar doesn't interest me all that much, to be honest. But just fyi... :blink:

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Dear Lavar Arrington,

You are overrated. Actually, I take that back. You were once overrated, but now everyone realizes that, so I guess you are properly recognized as an idiot.

Best Regards,


P.S. The Redskins suck.

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