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The Michael Vick Experience

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Look at the link below. It is unbelievable. Vick is being

sued by a woman who claims he knowingly

infected her with herpes. She had unprotected sex with

Vick and came down with the STD. When confronted

Vick allegedly apologized profusely and admitted he

knew he was infected.

The best part is that the suit alleges Vick has

used the alias "Ron Mexico" to seek treatment

for his condition....


Thank God we have boring, effective Carson Palmer.

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Ron Mexico!?! Is that the best alias he could think up? I'm surprised he just didn't use "Ron Bacardi!"

or Ron Jeremy.....

I thought I heard that the word Mexico is either the strain of virus or the name of the test to detect the virus. I guess that is where he got that one at. Sounds like he is pretty knowledgeable about transmittable diseases too. :lol:

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Damn it! I thought that I was the only one who used "Ron Mexico"! How can I use it now?

Wait a second...I mean my friend..yeah, my friend...hey, look over there!

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Does anyone listen to the Bob and Tom show? If not, they are ripping on him something bad. They bought a Falcons jersay with the number "7" with the name "Mexico" on the back...

They're not the only ones it seems...


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