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who needs a stinking gm


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Well, I wouldn't be surprised that Morton was....

Say what you will about Mike, he has got to have a better winning percentage than millen does....

I don't really see what all the uproar is about....Morton started it, I mean he ran Millen down when Millen went over to congratulate the Chiefs...Total lack of class on Mortons part, but it's no suprise. If your sling insults back and forth it's gonna get nasty, that's what name calling is...Everybody in an uproar needs to take a chill...

But also, I've said this before, I think Mike Brown caught a lot more flak than he should have....Not saying he did a good job or anything, I'm just saying that I think the coachs are the ones that should take the most credit for the Bengals sucking so bad for so long....I know he hired them, but hey, Mikes mentor is in the hall of fame, he was just doing what he was taught to do....He was just a bit too stubborn for his teams own good.

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