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The remarkable story that has been the Bengals' season refuses to end.

Rudi Johnson ran for 174 yards and two TDs in the Bengals win.

A performance such as this makes the Week 14 loss to Baltimore look a lot more like a case of a good team that simply didn't have enough left in its collective tank to win a third consecutive road game rather than a poor one being exposed. Rudi Johnson and Chad Johnson give Cincinnati the offensive firepower that would serve any team well in the playoffs. Yes, I said playoffs.

The Bengals made a strong statement with the way they responded to their most disappointing game of the season. They were helped by 49er blunders, of course, but they also showed plenty of heart and desire to keep themselves in the fight for a division title. In short, they showed exactly the sort of effort coach Marvin Lewis set out to draw from his players the moment he gathered them in the visitors' dressing room in Baltimore.

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To quote jbengals1: The remarkable story that has been the Bengals' season refuses to end.

Just thinking about that statement now in mid December is in itself, astounding! Can any of us truthfully say that before the seasons first game was played, could any of us have forseen this incredible transformation, and reversal of fortunes? We've swapped spots with the Steelers. They're going to be watching it from the outside in two more game, and we, by the grace of God, (and with the help of Marvin Lewis) will hopefully make a return to playoffs, not to mention respectability among the league!

I think this game with the Rams this Sunday will make or break us for the playoffs.


**What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!!**

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