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When Marvin Harrison attacks...

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from msn.com. opps i put marvin harris, i meant harrison.

HONOLULU (AP) - Marvin Harrison of the Indianapolis Colts and two other men are accused in a lawsuit of attacking three boys seeking the wide receiver's autograph a day before Pro Bowl.

The suit, made public Monday, seeks general, special and punitive damages to be determined at trial. It alleges Harrison "violently and physically attacked" the minors, including placing a "potentially deadly choke hold" on one of the boys.

Police interviewed Harrison while he was in Honolulu and forwarded their report to city prosecutors, who are considering whether to pursue charges. Harrison was not arrested and no one has been charged.

The boys have incurred medical expenses and severe emotional distress as a result of the assault, the suit said.

Johnnie Reshard Jr., Ernest Simon Jr., Eric Gilbert Jr. , whose ages are not listed in the suit, and their parents were visiting from California to attend the Pro Bowl when the boys were assaulted at the Hilton Hawaiian Village by the All-Pro player and two unidentified men, the suit said.

A Colts spokesman said the team would have no comment. Harrison's agent could not be reached immediately for comment.

The alleged altercation occurred Feb. 12, when the boys approached Harrison, who was talking on his cellular phone at the Waikiki resort. While the boys were waiting for Harrison to finish his calls, two men acting on the receiver's behalf said there would be no autographs or photos.

Without provocation, the suit says, the two men, later joined by Harrison, attacked the boys.

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from msn.com. opps i put marvin harris, i meant harrison.

***Topic title edited to reflect this.***

It seems a little strange to me to be just hearing of these charges this long after the event has come and gone. I realize Hawaii isn't in the continental United States, but c'mon. Does news travel from there via their outrigger canoe boats? :blink:

And how old were these "boys?" I doubt they were just some innocent kids that these men just decided to attack. Plus Marvin Harrison has no history of this type of incident that I know of. There has to be a little more to this than what the article reflects.

I suspect it was an altercation (over what and who's at fault is anyones guess) between these men and some teenage locals, who for what I observed when I visited the Hawaiian Islands, can be some pretty damn big boys! There are many places in Hawaii that if you're not a local Hawaiian, you do not go there unless you're just looking to get you're butt kicked or worse!

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