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Marvin and Romeo Crennel


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Marvin Lewis and Romeo Crennel were interviewed by Rich Eisen and Terrell Davis during the meetings in Hawaii. Go to www.nfl.com and scroll down to the part that says video and look for Total Access and the picture of Crennel that says "Crennel joins Marvin Lewis in Buckeye state." It is a pretty good interview and is only about 8 minutes long.

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:D Thanks I didn't that Carson was going to be on there today, will be watching. I saw the Marvin & Romeo interview on Total Access was good to see Bengals getting face time.
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Boy, the profile of the team has certainly been raised. Thank you Marvin Lewis.

Decent records, bankable stars, an expectation of even better things next year. So THIS is what it is like being the fan of an NFL team with hope in the internet/media explosion age.

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I got home from work today, did a few chores, and then sat my butt down to watch the Palmer interview on Total Access.


No interview.

No explanation.

I offered a heads up previously because a commercial from the previous day claimed that safety Robert Griffith would interview Palmer on Thursday. Well, Griffith was on the program again today...he's been on all week...but no Palmer. And it's Thursday, right?

Instead, the featured interview involved Rich Eisen and Simeon Rice.

Man, I feel so betrayed. So empty.

But don't worry about me, as the beer is helping me muddle through.

Hey, those folks at Guiness certainly do make a fine product.


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