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happy bday jditty


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thanks guys and girl! my only plans today are to work(unfortunately) and to drink my ass off once im off. wish me luck :)

:lol: Wish you luck? About drinking on your birthday? In 'Vegas even? You don't need luck for that. You'll need luck in not being massively hungover tomarrow! :rolleyes:

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did i forget to tell everyone i moved? i moved to cali about 4 weeks ago for work(new job). Im in temecula now, its about midway between LA and SD...ill be going to some charger games this upcoming season.

ill be going back to vegas alot so i still can place bets for you if u like billy :)

and ya...i hope i dont get hungover....

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Happy late birthday, ditty.

When you go to Chargers games, will you deck yourself out in Bengals gear? I think you should.

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