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Jerome Mathis


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This guy sounds like he could be a great mid round selection for the Bengals according to NFL.com. A speed reciever (supposedly 4.28 speed :huh: ) who also is a good kick returner. The Bengals could definately use a burner back there returning kick-offs. Also if he has that kinda of legit speed he could alleviate alot of safety help from other recievers, because with that kinda speed a CB would be hard pressed to stay with him in a foot race to endzone. Combine that with Carson's arm strength to get him the ball, and that's a devastating combination. Safeties would definately have to pay attention to him and respect the threat of long ball which would help open up underneath routes and running game. Plus from reading their analysis I get the impression that the young man is an ultra competitive type athlete who has a drive to excel over competion. Also sounded to be an aggressive player who's not afraid of physical nature of game.

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