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Compensatory Picks Named

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Something that made quiet news recently, was the fact that the Compensatory picks have been named.

Denver gets 2 3rd rounders.

Tenessee,Kansas City,New England and Seattle get the other 3rd round selections handed out.

Round 4 Selections include

St. Louis,Indy, and Tenessee get one each.

Round 5

Carolina gets 2,49ers,Eagles,Patriots and Colts get one each.

Round 6

Dallas and Oakland get 2 each. Ravens,Panthers,Rams and Eagles get one selection each.

Round 7

Philly gets 2,Rams get 2, 49ers get 2, with Tampa Bay, Seattle, and the Pats getting one each.

The updated draft order for the Bengals looks like this now.

Round 1 - # 17.

Round 2 - # 48.

Round 3 - # 83.

Round 4 - # 119. ( originally # 113 )

Round 5 - # 153. ( originally # 145 )

Round 6 - # 190. ( originally # 177 )

Round 7 - # 233. ( originally # 209 )

* If you didn't think Cincy' was going to trade down before, better know they will now !

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* If you didn't think Cincy' was going to trade down before, better know they will now !

Trading down is Marvins' "S.O.P." for draft days it seems! He loves getting extra picks , and this part of his draft philosophy I have no qualms about! I really can't say the same for his "B.P.A." philosophy, although this year may be more tolerable for me due to other moves already made by Bengals this offseason.

...I just wish Nate Webster would have been a little more of a factor for the defense last year... :(

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Don't worry Billy, I've addressed our needs fully with the next Mock Draft i'm working on.

- I took some time off as you can tell to deal with my mother's passing and to assist my sister in shoring up some family matters, but I'm back to work now, and a new Mock will post very soon. Considering some of the draft Rumors, I may even get a chance to shake things up around here as well... :lol:

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Gotta think that Philly or Denver may want to trade up for a Defensive End though. Denver lost Hayward, and PHilly lost Burgess, so It's very possible. To be Honest with you, I wouldn't be surprised at all If Cincinnati doesn't trade down at least twice.

ONce for either the Jaguars maybe looking for another DE,CB or Wr that falls, and

the second for maybe the Packers/Broncos looking for SS/De.

Hopefully, we'll see us be able to land a 2nd and a 3rd with those moves. If Denver comes up from 25, then they'd better give up a 2nd and a 3rd. No less than a 2nd and a 4th, especially with all those Conditional picks.

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Maybe we could do what we did with Denver last year. Trade a 1st rounder and get a player, 1st rounder and 4th rounder in return!! Maybe Trevor Pryce???Maybe him but we would need to re-work his contract because he would kill us.

But Maybe Marvin will try that again, only this time if we do do something like that i hope we stay at that spot and not trade down again (in the 1st round) to get some back-up player!!!!!!

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