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Miami resigns Rosenfels


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Dolphins re-sign QB RosenfelsĀ 

NFL.com wire reportsĀ 

MIAMI (March 11, 2005) -- The Miami Dolphins re-signed backup quarterback Sage Rosenfels to a one-year deal, the same day former starter Jay Fiedler signed with the New York Jets.

The 27-year-old Rosenfels is expected to be the primary backup for new starter A.J. Feeley, whom he filled in for during the 2004 season finale.

In his first career start, Rosenfels threw for 264 yards and a touchdown against Baltimore, but also had three interceptions as the Dolphins capped their 4-12 season with a loss. In three seasons with Miami, Rosenfels is 20-of-48 for two touchdowns and three interceptions in nine games.

On Madden, some how Rosenfels ended up being my backup quarterback to Carson Palmer. I think I traded Kitna to the Dolphins for him and something else, but anyway... Palmer ended up gettting hurt (like he always does!!) and Rosenfels really stepped up well and won the superbowl. He ended up being a 93 :o after that season. I know that it's just madden, but siince then I've always wanted Miami to let Sage have a couple starts. :blink:

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I was watching bits and pieces of the Baltimore-Miami game last year where Sage made his first start, and even though his stats weren't very good I was impressed. He held up well against a very good defense, threw some good passes, and Miami almost screwed around and won that game. I think that he will be a good option if Feeley goes down.

And he's from Iowa State, and I like to root for Big 12 QBs.

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Fins fans! Never fear! Your savior is here!

No, not Sage, you silly aquatic mammals...no, your new OC Linehan has reached into his Minnesota-issue bag o' tricks and pulled out...

...drum roll please...

Gus Frerotte!

Yes, Gus Frerotte, newest member of the Miami Dolphins, and who, scuttlebutt has it, will be given "every opportunity" to take the starter's job from Feeley!

Take it from us bengals fan, having Frerotte come in and challenge Kitna and end up in a 3-way duel with Akili Smith too, and then be handed a starting job he didn't do anything to earn, well, that worked out just peachy for us!

So here's hoping that Feeley and Frerotte and Sage all battle it out and no clear winner emerges! Yoi're sure to have a great season then!


Stupid fish... :wacko:

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Hey, what else is there to do but laugh when you hear some team might stiff their current, struggling starter for Gus Frerotte -- with some poor young'un thrown in the mix?

My advice to any Dolphins fans who read this thread: run for your freaking lives!

Remember this? http://bengals.enquirer.com/2002/09/16/ben...ty_bengals.html

Facing a smothering from Cleveland's Orpheus Roye, Garo Frerotte flipped a 5-yarder to the Browns' Kenard Lang, who overcame his shock long enough to catch the pass and run 72 yards with it. Frerotte, bless him, made the tackle. He also secured a significant spot in the Bengals' buffoonery archive which, as we know, ain't easy to do.

Or the final LeBeau epitaph from nfl.com...


At the opening of minicamp last May, LeBeau donned a Superman outfit and burst through a banner that read "Bengals Super Bowl 2002."

But the quarterback position turned into LeBeau's undoing. The front office brought in Gus Frerotte to compete with Jon Kitna and Akili Smith for the starting job, leaving the position unsettled.

Frerotte won the job, and the Bengals opened with a different quarterback for the fifth straight season. It was a disaster.

The right-handed Frerotte provided the season's signature moment by throwing a pass with his left hand, resulting in an interception that set up Cleveland's victory in the second game.

Frerotte was benched during a 30-3 loss in Atlanta, a nationally televised Sunday night game that left the Bengals 0-3.

The loss turned the Bengals into grist for comedians' monologues coast-to-coast and prompted LeBeau to make a panic move. He promoted Smith from third-string to starter for the next game against Tampa Bay.

Smith was understandably rusty, and the Bengals' offensive line got manhandled in the Bucs' 35-7 win.

LeBeau acknowledged his mistake and turned back to Kitna, who finally got the offense rolling -- too late to save the season or LeBeau's job.

I suppose we should be grateful for that much, at least. Saban, beware! :wacko:

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