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Bills vs. Bengals 05


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I think that the Bengals have several opponents that would be considered better matchups for a night game than the Bills, but I could definitely see it happening. I think that of the non-playoff, non-division teams that we play this year, KC would be the first option for a night game, but Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Houston would have to be seriously looked at.

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The NFL probably wouldn't do it because I think we are both "small market" teams. Now, if it were the Bills and jets, or the bengals and jets they would do it. TV ratings rule all, and I would think you would have to have at least on big market for the ratings

Could definitely be a Sunday nighter but I'm not sure of that being a Monday Night game. I would assume, though, that both teams will get 1 monday nighter.

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If we were to trade Rudi for Edge straight up(which could possibly happen) you would def. see a monday night game.

Just think

Manning vs. Palmer

Rudi vs. Old Team

Edge vs. Old Team

= Ratings

Unstoppable Offense vs. Unstoppable Offense

No defense vs. No defense

= 45 - 42 score

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I have a feeling Edge is one of those guys who may not be happy anywhere he goes - plus I would like to see Rudi make up for his 4th qtr fumble last year vs. the Bills.

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I'd like to see the whole Benglas team make up for that game -- by far their crappiest performance of 2004.

If they can't beat the Bills in 2005, it'll make it that much harder to get into the playoffs. But it should be a better game than last year and would make for an excellent prime time game.

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