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Bengals All-Time WR


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YO BILLY; i need a fix; where's the BOOBIE :wacko: MEISTER? how 'bout a cameo appearance? :( tks h :)

Hold your horse's there Halp. This is my first post from home in over two weeks, so gimme a break! I just finished getting everything installed and working on my computer at home after having to have it re-networked (cable modem to router), reconfigured (two new 160 gig hard drives running off an PCI ATA adapter), and the optical drives upgraded (picked up one of those suddenly inexpensive dual layer DVD burners).

I thought it was finished with those items listed above over a week and a half ago. But after an hour or so of internet surfing/e-mailing/DVD watching, etc...all kinds of crazy s**t started going on with it. Intermittent internet/network disconnects, couldn't try to burn anything with the DVD without making another drink coaster, and attempting to play any game was just a waste of time. Nothing but system lockups followed by the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death!

I finally tracked the problem down to the old 400 watt power supply. It was fine for a while after you booted up, but once you started doing a few things, it would get MAJOR hot and the voltage outputs would become marginal. Nothing a brand new heavy duty 450 watt power supply woundn't fix though.

Now about your request for my "Bouncin' Bengal Babe" avatar. I'll have to search through my three separate drives to find it. When I do, she'll get some time doing her little bunny hops in my window. Until then, you're going to have to get your girlfriend to tide you over with some jumping jacks in the living room! :lol:

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