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D. Mason and the Bengals talking


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D. Mason was on ESPN radio here in NY and he said he is down to 3 teasm: Jax, Cincy and the Giants. I wonder if that means Cincy thinks Housh is gone. Thought you guys would be interested.

On my Jets front, the Moss for Coles trade is dead. I wanted this deal (coles is the better WR) and it was agreed on...but COles wanted a new contract from NY and was willing to hold out. I'm sick of this guy's greedy antics.

I actually have a feeling we may take a look at TJ.

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I doubt the Bengals talk w/ Mason mean much more than him getting leverage to up ante from other teams. But if Bengals sign him, that'd be all right by meĀ  :D

Yup & yup.

Jets just need to play Jerricho Cotchery more. If Chrebet is out, Jets still got 4 decent WRs in McCareins, Moss, Carter, and Cotchery.

Word up here so far is that Chrebet will be back. But with the Coles-for-Moss trade apparently dead, there's many who think the Jets will make a run at Mason.

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