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Temple suspends Chaney for regular season


Temple coach John Chaney has been suspended for the rest of the regular season after sending in a "goon" for the sole purpose of rough play and hard fouls in a game against St. Joe's on Tuesday.

Temple University president David Adamany made the announcement Friday afternoon.

"In light of the severity of the injury to Saint Joseph's University basketball player John Bryant, suffered as a result of the actions of Temple's basketball program, I have decided to suspend coach John Chaney for the remainder of the regular season," Adamany said in the statement. "I have advised Coach Chaney of this decision and Coach Chaney has again expressed his deepest regrets for his actions."

St. Joe's senior forward John Bryant could miss the rest of the season after an MRI on Thursday showed he had a broken right arm on a hard foul by Temple's Nehemiah Ingram, who Chaney said he put in the game as a "goon".

The Owls have three remaining regular-season games. Chaney will be allowed to coach any postseason games.

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How big is this "goon" and can he play D-line ?? Sounds nasty !!! :D


Hey, while we're at it, Aaron Miles from Kansas is pretty fast, so let's see if we can draft him at WR.

Are we that desperate for D-Line help? :D

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