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I think the bengals should use Rudi and trade up in the draft. We could then pick up a player that could really help us next year such asDerrick Johnson or Braylon Edwards. We could even draft Rolle or Jones and turn them into a safety. If stay at 17,we should take Shawn Merriman.It would be hard for teams to throw if he was always in their qbs face. Two other players I think would be good in the later rounds are Mathis wr and Walter qb. Walter could be a great backup to carson and would be cheaper than Kitna and Mathis I been told is a threat to score everytime he touches the ball. If we pick up Denvers free agent de or a dt in free agency we could pick the best player available regardless of position. REDSFAN2510

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I acted as Bengals GM for the MockIV Draft (4 rounds only) on nflfans.com.

Take a look, feel free to comment.


Keep in mind that I focused on things that I think Marvin and Co will focus on: speed, smarts, athleticism, character, and production, not necessarily in that order.

Probably would have gone for an athletic guard like CJ Brooks or a fast LB like James Kinney in Round 5, had we gone that far.

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That looks like a decent mock.

I've also come around to think the Clowns will take Derrick Johnson at #3 given Romeo appears geared toward 3-4. I like Ronnie Brown better than Benson and have heard sh#t for that but stand by it with Brown at #2 to Fins and Gruden opting for Benson over Cadillac at #5.

Titans could definitely use Barron at #6 but Fischer needs more of an impact player and can get one in Pac Man Jones, who would replace Mason as returner and Samari Rolle at CB.

I'm still leaing toward Heath Miller at #9 because I'm doubting the Skins scrap both Coles and Gardener and won't get Mike Williams (Bears at #5) or Braylon Edwards (Vikes at #7). They'll get WR in 3rd.

Bengal wise, Nicholson seems like a reach in the 2nd because he sucks vs. pass....James Butler and Jamaal Brimmer are better than him and Andre Maddox is close IMO.

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