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First Round Selection

Who would you like to/or think the Bengals will take at 17?  

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  1. 1. Who would you like to/or think the Bengals will take at 17?

    • Travis Johnson DT, Florida State
    • Anttaj Hawthorne DT, Wisconson
    • Shaun Cody DT/DE, USC
    • Erasmus James DE, Wisconson
    • Dan Cody DE, Oklahoma
    • David Pollack DE, Georgia
    • Thomas Davis SS, Georgia
    • Troy Williamson WR, South Carolina
    • Heath Miller TE, Virginia
    • Other? (please reply on who)

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At this point (pre-Combine) there is only three guys I would want at the 17th pick.

Other wise I would be for trading down ...

Travis Johnson DT, Florida State

Thomas Davis SS, Georgia

Heath Miller DE, Virginia

Travis Johnson DT, Florida State ...

At the end of the season I was all for taking a DT, at this point, Johnson is the only one that I would want in the 1st round.

In fact the more that I look at it, the less likely I think it is, that ML will spend a High Pick on a DT at all.

You have to think that John Thornton, Langston Moore and Matthias Askew are all going to make the team.

And then we have two big-body-types in Shaun Smith and Terrance Martin, who will be looking for a spot.

If Travis Johnson is there I would be tempted to Grab him ...

But I would not be un-happy with just getting someone like Luis Castillo, Ronald Fields, Jonathan Babineaux, Sione Pouha, Jason Jefferson or even Anthony Bryant with a later pick.

Thomas Davis SS, Georgia ...

Strong safety is certainly a big team need, maybe the biggest need on defense.

If Davis is there at 17, I think that it will be real hard, for us to pass on him.

But once again there are other options, if Ernest Shazor were to drop to us in the 2nd round it would be a great value pick.

He may be an even better Fit for ML's system than Davis.

And there are also a few other options that could fill that need.

Heath Miller TE, Virginia ...

I Voted for Heath Miller, I think that if he is there, we Take Him.

A TE would give our Offense a Whole New Dimension and Miller seems to be our best bet.

While I don't see TE as the biggest team need, it may be the one position that would give the team a bigger Boost up than any other single upgrade.

It may provide the "most bang for the buck".

But even here, there are other options.

Alex Smith helped his stock big time in the senior bowl and would be a great pick if he could be had in the 2nd round.

Then there is Kevin Everett and Joel Dreessen both of who can probably be had with a later pick.

I personally do not see DE as being one of the teams top needs, if I did my list would be a good bit longer.

I expect to see TJ back and Hope to have a Healthy Peter Warrick lining up in the slot.

I would like to see the Bengals pick up Vincent Jackson or Larry Brackins but once again I am talking later round.

I wonder if it would work, to have either one of those two along with Kelley Washington lined up in the two TE slots in some sets.

I know that most people are thinking Defense ...

But I think that there is also Lot to be said for, Loading the Offense Up with Weapons for our Young Gunslinger.

In any case at 17, we Must Get an Impact Player ...

If one isn't there I say trade down.

I wouldn't mind trading down, maybe even two or three times for extra Picks.

If we ended up near the bottom of the 1st round or even near the top of the second, I would not mind seeing David Baas as our 1st pick.

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I have the feeling that ML will take a chance on Pollack...his performance and heart cannot be denied, and I think he will be something special in the coming years.

I could see Travis Johnson or Hawthorne, but I'll go with Pollack. And Shazor in round 2.

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JP I like your picks. However, if they take Miller that would be three offensive No. 1 picks in ML tenure. I just don't think they will go for offense this year. Lewis is a defensive "genius" according to many but has yet to build the defense into a top notch unit. He can win with the offense that is in place but they have to consistently stop people on defense in order to advance beyond 8-8. I look for them to go DL or LB with the first pick.

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There are a few that catch my attention here. Davis, Miller, and Johnson would be good in my eyes at #17. I don't think I would be unhappy with either of them. I still believe we trade down to acquire more picks just like last year. I can't wait for the season to start, but I love to hear all these opinions and ideas.

Anticipation !!! :)


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I don't see ML taking either of the two big DTs at 17, and here's why

1) I think Travis Johnson is a one year wonder, much like Akili, who sensed that a strong senior year would net him a big paycheck, and so he brought his A game. Once he has his contract, I think he's done. The word you see in the draft reports is "underachiever". We don't need any more of those, frankly. He also has a history of off the field problems, and ML doesn't have time for stuff like that. Finally, he's really not a big guy - 290 is somewhat undersized for a DT, really.

2) Antaj Hawthorne - I see the same "underachiever" label applied here. I don't think you want to pay a fellow round 1 money when he'll give you round 7 effort. I'd rather have this fellow over T Johnson, but there will be other players more well suited to our system and who will give it their all at pick 17.

3) I think that ML is pleased overall with his set of young tackles plus John Thornton, and drafting another one might simply slow their development. Langston Moore really showed me a few things late in the year, and Matthias Askew is supposed to have what it takes and is expected to get on the field more this year. Then we have two 320 or so pound guys ready in the wings with 2-3 years experience each - T Martin and S Smith.

4) I think ML knows his team is close enough to being playoff caliber that whoever he takes in round 1 has to have a strong chance not just to play but to START. I don't think any of the DTs except maybe S Cody (who I consider a DE rather than a DT) and possibly Luis Castillo are ready to start right now.

So who do I see them taking? Any of:

Heath Miller

Sean Cody

Marcus Spears

Thomas Davis.

I don't think that there will be any quibbles about taking an offensive player again in round 1, as I think ML cares more about getting best value at each pick rather than worrying about people who will complain that they are taking too many players in round 1 on offense on a team needing defense. Said another way - yeah, they need defense, but if there is better value on the offensive sie of the ball at the Bengal's pick I am all but certain they'll go with the better value. Unless it's a QB, as ML has stated he won't be drafting a QB this year.

One other thing: I don't think the Bengals will be taking any of the undersized linemen....and yes, this includes virtually all of the highest ranked DEs, as well as up and comers like Swancutt

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Antaaj Hawthorne DT Wisconsin 6'2" 312lbs will be the first pick in the draft by the Bengals.. He the best ALL AROUND tackle in the draft.. He's been unstopable at times but has shown a tendency to be taken out of plays by O_lineman who have locked him up.. he needs to work on techniques and keep his motor running longer.

He can be the guy to plug the hole and get after a QB ... He'd be a perfect fit with a rotation of Thornton, Moore and Askew imo...

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Antaaj Hawthorne...has shown a tendency to be taken out of plays by O_lineman who have locked him up.. he needs to work on techniques and keep his motor running longer.

He has motivational issues. from nflfans.com: "Needs to get in better shape to play longer stretches". Sounds like Wilkerson to me, frankly, and I don't want any more of that crap, myself. I don't think ML wants any of that - he's looking for guys with characters, leaders, self motivated professionals. This guy may be fast and large and occasionally domainating, but he won't do it as a pro if his head isn't in it.

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