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Gatorade Duels


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Are you guys watching this s**t?

Man, Harvick just caused a big pile up of the top drivers -- Jimmie Johnson, Rusty Wallace, Joe Nemechek, Mark Martin all are out now. I think JJ will be able to run his primary but the others have to go to the backup cars.

:o I'm still at work, and the freaking twin 125's are on NOW!?!?! :blink:

I hope they rebroadcast it later!

About Harvick...he's just doin' what he does best: Crashing into people. <_<

Keep me posted Josh...I'm doin O.T. today. :(

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Alright, it's over now.

Race one: DEI finished 1 and 2, Waltrip got a run on little E and took the checkered. Jr's car was average at best until the final pit stops when he took on two tires and came out first. He fell back for a little bit and then Waltrip and Jr. hooked up and Waltrip took over Jr with about 50 yards left to the Checkered.

Race two: Jeff Burton had a great car and was in front for a while after the big wreck -- until JGR took over. LaBonte bumped Stewart hard and smoke took the lead and won.

Things of note (other than the wreck): Martin Truex Jr. made the big show by passing Robbie Gordon on the final few laps.

It also seems to be much harder to take the lead than years past with the spoiler change and decreased air intake from a bigger restrictor plate. There's a huge advantage if you run up front; more than ever.

J.Gordon's car was in bad shape all race.

Vickers broke another pin in his engine.

Kahne wrecked AGAIN

Sadler's car expired (don't remember why)

All 3 Wallace brothers are in.

Kerry Earnhardt failed to get in.

JJ's car is fine, but maybe minor cosmedic damage.

Mark Martin is going to try and repair the primary car (it was beat up)

OH, and everyone is pissed at Harvick.

That's about all that happened of note.

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