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Bruschi hospitalized


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Bruschi reportedly had stroke-like symptoms


New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi was hospitalized Wednesday after complaining of headaches.

However, WBZ-TV in Boston reported late Wednesday night that Bruschi was suffering from stroke-like symptoms, partial paralysis and blurred vision.

A source told the Boston Herald that Bruschi lost partial vision in one eye, but that the sight was returning.

A Patriots official also said that Bruschi was up "walking and talking."

Bruschi is scheduled to undergo more tests Thursday at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Whether Bruschi suffered a stroke remains in question. A source told the Herald that it was a stroke that appeared minor because Bruschi is being treated at Mass General's exclusive Phillips House rather than in a critical care unit.

"He is in good condition and will be held for further evaluations," the team said in a statement. "The Bruschi family appreciates everyone's concerns, but requests that you respect their privacy at this time."

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who was attending the men's college basketball game between Boston College and Rutgers on Wednesday night, declined comment.

Bruschi, a 6-foot-1, 247-pound veteran, is a key member of New England's defense that has helped the team win three of the past four Super Bowls, including a 24-21 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Feb. 6.

Bruschi, selected in the third round of the 1996 draft, was second on the team in tackles during the regular season with 122, behind only safety Rodney Harrison with 138. He also had 3 1/2 sacks and three interceptions during the regular season.

He had two fumble recoveries in the team's 20-3 divisional playoff win over the Indianapolis Colts, and an interception in the Super Bowl.

He has 753 tackles, 25 sacks and 11 interceptions in his career.

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Here's the latest from NFL.com.

"Bruschi in good condition after mild stroke

NFL.com wire reports

BOSTON (Feb. 17, 2005) -- New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi suffered a mild stroke but is walking, talking and in good spirits, the team said.

"It has been determined that these symptoms were the results of a mild stroke," team spokesman Stacey James said. "Tedy is in good condition and, as always, his spirits are high. He is walking and talking normally and stressed that he would like to thank everyone for keeping him and his family in their thoughts and prayers."

The Patriots said Bruschi could be released as early as Feb. 18.

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Damn, they didn't even let him get out of the hospital and they are talking of releasing him :blink: Unless he is some kind of cap casuality that is cold. How long has Weatherby still been on the roster!

I do believe they meant released from the hospital...not from the team. That's how I understood it.

I know someone who had a mild stroke, he was much older and not a Pro athlete and he came through really well. Bruschi should still be able to play.

Either way, they'll probably keep him over the weekend for observation and to determine what caused the stroke. I hope it all comes out well for him. I'd hate to see him have to give up football.

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Damn...it always happens to the good ones. Teddy Bruschi is one of the best guys in the NFL, and I truly hope that this doesn't affect his playing status. I will pray for him.


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Popped blood vessel in the brain from last I heard.

I have heard of people that can get blood clots from long flights. He just came back from Hawaii and the Pro Bowl earlier in the week. That's a long flight back to Boston. I wonder if that's what caused it?

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Patriots LB Bruschi released from hospital

NFL.com wire reports

BOSTON (Feb. 18, 2005) -- New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi was released from the hospital after spending two days recovering from a mild stroke that caused numbness, blurred vision and severe headaches.

He walked to a waiting sports utility vehicle without commenting to reporters outside Massachusetts General Hospital.

Bruschi was reportedly walking and talking normally a day after the stroke. Doctors said positive reports so soon after the stroke were good indicators he could continue his football career, but his prognosis remains uncertain.

Bruschi, a nine-year veteran, is one of the team's most popular players and a key member of the defense that helped New England win three of the past four Super Bowls.

He was selected as the AFC's Defensive Player of the Week three times last season, including after a divisional playoff victory against the Indianapolis Colts. He ranked second on the team with 128 tackles and tied for second with three interceptions. On Feb. 13, Bruschi played in his first Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

His wife, Heidi, called 911 on Feb. 16, saying Bruschi was experiencing "blurred vision, numbness on the right side of his body." The Patriots later confirmed he had suffered a mild stroke.

Team spokesman Stacey James visited Bruschi at the hospital to deliver hundreds of printed e-mails from well-wishers around the country.

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