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Chow next Titan OC?


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Titans reportedly offer job to USC's Chow


The Tennessee Titans have reportedly offered the offensive coordinator's job to Norm Chow, who holds the same position at Southern California, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Times, citing a source "close to the situation," reports that Chow could accept the position as soon as today (Tuesday).

"He's as gone as yesterday," the source reportedly told the newspaper.

Chow refused to comment.

He did interview for the job Friday in Nashville, with the Titans reportedly offering $1 million per season, which is roughly double his USC salary.

Chow told The Times he hoped the matter would be resolved in the "next day or two. We'll just have to see what happens," he said.

Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart, meanwhile, was reportedly upset when he heard the news that Chow might be leaving the school.

"It was kind of inevitable it was going to happen the last couple years," Leinart told the paper. "It's just, now, I decided to come back for my fifth year. But I still have no regrets regardless of what he does."

When asked by the newspaper whether Chow's leaving would have affected his decision to return, Leinart responded, "Obviously, it would have changed my thought process. In all honesty, I didn't really want to play for a new guy coming in.

"If I had known he would be gone for sure, it definitely would have changed my thought process a lot. I don't know if would still have left or still stayed. I don't know that and, obviously, I never will. But I know it would have (affected) my decision."

Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian could be named co-offensive coordinators if Chow decides to leave USC.

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Hopefully we will play them in week 1 next year when they are still learning his offense. Then we may not see them again for awhile.

Also, I am glad he is not going to a division team either.

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I'm not worried at all... Disecting College defenses is completely different than NFL defenses.

Plus the Titans are years away from having enough talent on offense to scare anyone.

Too many questions to answer first.

1. The Salary Cap.

2. Steve McNair - healthy to be or not to be that is the pregunta...!

3. Chris Brown - long term answer at runningback, or good rb with injury problems

4. The Defense ( mainly the secondary)

5. The offensive line, the biggest reason why McNair gets hurt so often !

and so on... and so on.. :D

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Yeah Norm is gonna earn his big payday the hard way it looks like. The Titans are supposed to be $26 mill over the cap. :wacko: What can they do w/ that besides throw players overboard and restructure whoever they can ?

Derrick Mason gone? Kevin Carter gone? Samari Rolle gone? Steve McNair gone? Brad Hopkins, Jason Matthews, Fred Miller, etc.....

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:lol::lol: Chris...I just read your sig line:

"I vow as is my duty as a Cincinnati Bengals fan, to never let my favorite team draft unwisely! No email shall be unsent. No player profile or bio will go unread. No court ordered restraining order can keep me from yelling these fateful words outside Mike Browns office "You sh*t head!" "Stay the hell away on Draft Day !"

When you stand up and repeat that out loud, do you have the song "To Dream The Impossible Dream" playing as backround music? :lol:

BTW...where the hell were you in the 1st round last year? You and I both know some slipping went on there. :angry:

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Looks like Norm Chow got the job.


Trojans in rebuilding mode - for coaches

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - USC coach Pete Carroll faces a rebuilding job with the two-time defending national champion Trojans - not for the team, but for the coaching staff.

Offensive coordinator Norm Chow joined the Tennessee Titans' staff in the same role Wednesday, the fifth Trojans assistant to leave since they ended their season with a 55-19 rout of Oklahoma in the BCS championship game.

Three assistants - quarterbacks coach Carl Smith, offensive line coach Tim Davis, and Chow - moved on to the NFL. Smith moved to the Jacksonville Jaguars as offensive coordinator and Davis left to coach the Miami Dolphins' line.

Defensive line coach Ed Orgeron took the head coaching job at Mississippi, then hired Trojans' graduate assistant Dennis Slutak.

So although Heisman winner Matt Leinart will be back for his final season at USC along with Reggie Bush, LenDale White and a host of other outstanding players, there will be shuffling on the coaching staff.

Leinart was close to Chow, but says the Trojans will manage without him.

"Life goes on. We'll be fine," he said. "I'm so proud and happy for him to be able to go to the NFL as an offensive coordinator."


TITANS: Coach Jeff Fisher might have given quarterback Steve McNair another reason to return next season. Fisher lured Norm Chow from Southern Cal, which has won two straight college national titles, to become Tennessee's offensive coordinator.

McNair had bone grafted onto his sternum Dec. 28 after missing six starts last season. He is considering retiring from the NFL, but Fisher believes McNair will return. The quarterback met with Chow last Friday.

"He's doing very well right now, and I know he's excited about this," Fisher said of McNair.

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I think that Chow's main asset will be knowing how to get the most out of their younger players. Considering that the Titans may have no choice but to go with a youth movement, and knowing that McNair may only have one year left in him (which is a year too long, IMO) and Volek handled the offense well but is still unproven as a starter, I can see why Chow would be their guy, if only for the success that he had molding Palmer and Leinart.

The Titans are still looking at 7-9 or 6-10 with their defense, but they could turn it around by 2006. And besides, they won't be able to stop us in 2005...Norm Chow won't be able to change that :player:


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