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Demarcus ware

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this guy his probably the best LEO linebacker in the draft with merriman. He could be the missing piece of the puzzle to make our defense able to switch from 4-3 to 3-4. This guy is one of the better pass rusher in the draft and he can play the run. we would have to work on is coverage skills, but he's an amazing athlete, so this shoudn't be a problem.

At 6'4 242, he ran a 4.51 40 and jump 39 inches. Plus he was a beast at the senior bowl, against top competition.

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He will make a very good 3-4 OLB. The problem is just, what will he do when the D's not in a 3-4? If the Bengals were going to get him, it'd have to be in the 2nd round. For a situational player like he would be, it just wouldn't be a pick well spent when it could be used on a Safety, C, DT, or TE.

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i know, but don't forget Marvin is going for the best player avaible, and i think he could be that guy. If we trade down to get an other 2nd round pick, i think he could be a good player. Wathever is the position, you never pass on talent. I'm sure Marvin could use the most out of a player with such athletic abilities, plus, he's a very smart player. Right what Marvin is looking for: small, but fast and smart. Except safety, i don't think a good dt or te should be there at 17 (don't count smith to last that long after the senior bowl).We could draft a center later.

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The 3-4 doesn't suck, it's a good system. But it only works if you have the right people to run it. And IMO, I just don't think we have the right personnel for it, which is why I think it would be a bad idea for us to run it.

Except safety, i don't think a good dt or te should be there at 17

You mean at 17 in the 2nd round, right? I think Smith could last that long. Also, Luis Castillo is projected to go right around our 2nd round pick, and he would be a perfect fit as a two-gap run-stopper. Like you said, Safety should still be available, and you're also forgetting about C, one of our most urgent needs. We might have our pick of any of the C's at that pick (Baas could be gone), which is way too valuable to pass up. Like I said before, Ware will probably be a pretty good player, but I just don't think we can pass up all these other needs for him. But I wouldn't have thought we'd draft any of the players we got last year, so you never know.

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Was poking around at Dayton Daily News and found this senior bowl piece (registration req'd)


Money quote (note last sentence):

Troy State defensive end Demarcus Ware (6-3, 245) demonstrated everything that was expected of him — speed, quickness, strength (430-pound bench press), explosion and a relentless pass-rush. More often than not, he beat offensive linemen like a drum in pursuit to the quarterback, which left members of the Houston Texans staff impressed. Ware lacks size, but would be a force at outside linebacker. Bengals fans will be happy to know that this promising pass-rusher met with the Cincinnati organization.

Some stuff on the guy...




Sounds like a second round target to me. More evidence of a WR in the first?

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