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This guy is unbelievable!


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I figured he would. He's been pondering retirement since he won't be a Red in 2005 with only the DC Nationals -- who have a ton of Reds connections already -- as the only other option.

May 1st -- the first date Larkin can sign with the Reds -- Let's see what happens, but I'll bet he gets signed if anything on an emotional basis. Which will be fine, as long as we don't restrict the development of this team. We have a chance at winning, well as R-U-D-I accurately said through Auguest, and if it doesn't hurt the progress of the youngsters, hell bring him back if anything as veteran leadership.

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What can you say, he's a class act and a dying breed in today's world of pom pom dances and steriod scandals. He should have been to even more all star games, but Ozzie Smith always got the sentimental vote the last years of his career. barry was the first real "hitting shortstop" and should be a first ballot hall of famer in my book!!

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